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Because bike fitting is not just for professional rides, is actually more important for all daily rides to prevent injures on the knee or pain in the neck/back. Not correct position can bring much more trouble and not enjoy on bike like should.

We wanna bring happy riding to our clients with adjusting bike position to prevent injures and to bring enjoyable ride to all. Therefore we will share our stories and experience in blogs and to have some information to customer.

Road bike Fitting
Road bike Fitting
Racing / Endurance / Gravel

To bring all enjoy and performance together is important to adjust position that every ride bring smile.

229.00 Chf

TT bike Fitting
TT bike Fitting
Timetrail / Triathlon / Endurance

To be in in Triathlon or Timetrail riding in comfortable and powerful position is important to check position of cleats and position of hips during pedals. We adjust bike position with video capture angle of legs and body to arm position.

229.00 Chf

MTB bike Fitting
MTB bike Fitting
Full suspension / Hardtail

To be comfortable on bike is important to have stability and to be on the correct point of the bike in mountains. When position is not correct than also stability and traction on uphill or downhill is not optimal like should be. With joy also set up suspension pressure with stability calculator system.

249.00 Chf